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Dear All friends and valued customers 🙏🙏
Due to economy crisis and effecting of inflation that cause rising price of all products and ingridients.
We please be informed that our prices will be increase (Aproximately 2-3 AUD) in each menus from 27th July 2022 onwards.
Thank you very much and appreciate your kind understanding ❤🙏
Warmest regards,
The Mortlake Thai Team

We Are Open

1st Order ==>10% Discount
Every 8th Order ==> 40% Discount

*** CRISPY PRAWNS WONTON (6 PCS. )   $ 10.9

New Menu

1. Duck Bao Bun (3 Pcs) $14.9
Steamed Bao Buns with peking duck, hoisin sauce, spring onion, cucumber and salad mix.
2. Pad Cha Seafood $22.9 👍👍
Spicy stir-fried of combination seafood, fresh herbs, chilli & basil.
3. Crispy Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce $22.9 🍴🍴
Deep fried bread crumbed chicken in sweet and sour sauce.

Specialty Menu
-Ka Na Moo Krob ( Chinese broccoli+Pork belly) $22.90
-Ka Prao Moo Krob (Basil stir fried+Pork belly) $22.90

We make our BEST EFFORTS to be a COVID SAFE BUSINESS!! -Maintain Social Distancing -Practice Good Hygiene -using QR code for check in and out


Monday : 11am🕚 - 10pm🕙
Tuesday : CLOSE
Wednesday :   11am🕚 - 10pm🕙
Thursday :         11am🕚 - 10pm🕙
Friday : 11am🕚 - 10pm🕙
Saturday : 11am🕚 - 10pm🕙
Sunday : 11am🕚 - 10pm🕙

(** Break Time : 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm, every day)

You can call us on 0433872233 or via email to themortlake_90@hotmail.com
We do apologise for any convenience caused.
Please stay safe everyone!

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